“A Darker Shade of Magic”, by V.E. Schwab

So.. I’m a terrible blogger. But I’m trying to change that, I swear. I mean, writing words down is better than keeping them bottled up inside, right? That’s one of my many faults, but we’ll leave that topic to another time.

Today I couldn’t help myself and decided I just had to write this review. I recently read, “A Darker Shade of Magic” by V.E. Schwab, and to be quite honest, the book cover caught my attention more than anything. I love how it looks!

FullSizeRenderAt the time I bought it, I could only afford the ebook for my ipod, considering I’ve lost the charger for my kobo.. I usually don’t buy digital books unless they’ve been reduced, there’s a student offer (which I can sadly no longer claim, as a graduate!) or if I have a handy Amazon voucher, which I love.

But I was in a desperate mood to read something fantastical with adventure, and maybe some magic. When you’re travelling constantly in this miserable English weather, I feel like normal things that make you happy no longer do. I just really wanted something that would lift my spirit up a bit.

Having said all that, and moving on to an actual review now, I bought the ebook. Read it. Loved it.

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Written byΒ William Shakespeare, and set in the crumbling state of Denmark, one would think uponΒ HamletΒ to be an exceptionally dark and depressing tale, and solely label it in that category. Well, they’d be right to do so, but entirely wrong to believe it just a depressing and dark tale of deceit and revenge.

The play, as previously stated, is set in Denmark and we are introduced into the characters’ lives as King Hamlet has died. The country is in a state of turmoil upon the anguish of his sudden and surprising death, whilst mourning the loss of the beloved King, the people are also preparing feasts to encompass the crowning of their new King – King Hamlet’s brother, Claudius.

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