TV: Why You Should Watch Running Man

And no, I’m not talking about the Arnold Schwarzenegger film, or the newest internet craze of the same name.

I’m talking about the wonderfully insightful, dramatic and hysterical variety show that first graced South Korean television in 2010 to an ever growing global audience.

It is currently one of the longest running television shows in South Korean history, currently running at six years. Running Man has amassed a huge following in Asia, as well as across the globe and is often fan subbed in a range of languages.

The premise of the show is of a game variety, the cast compete against one another and at times as part of a team to win set tasks. A popular one being the name tag ripping game, and boy, is that intense!

Especially if you have Kim Jong Kook as an opposition..

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that.

There is betrayal, cheating, deception.. The list goes on. And that’s what makes the show so fantastic!

The objective is to win, but with whatever means necessary. It’s hilarious to see things go wrong, members band together only to betray one another later.. As well as the production teams hilariously insightful comments during the show.

I’ve been watching Running Man since late 2012 and I am completely hooked! I have a lot of catching up to do on some old episodes, which I watch now and again, although I love the new themes and layouts of the recent episodes a lot more.

The show has fortunately avoided major cast changes over the years, with the exception of Song Joonk Ki and Lizzy from After School leaving, we’re still left with our wonderfully mixed bag of a line up.

We have the wonderful Song Ji Hyo, who alongside the hilarious Lee Kwang Soo, are both actors; the ever pitiful Ji Suk Jin and loveable Yoo Jae-Suk are both the resident comedians, whilst we have guillable Kang Gary, hulk-like Kim Jong Kook and deceptively amusing Haha are the artists.

What I love about Running man is that the cast are hilarious in their own right, and are not trying to be super funny, well at times any way, and it just comes naturally to them. The chemistry and natural friendship they have together is a wonderful thing to see.

I’d definitely recommend giving it a watch purely for the hilarity that ensues every episode!

Here’s a snippet of some of my favourite moments during the show.




2 thoughts on “TV: Why You Should Watch Running Man

  1. I used to watch running ma’am every week and I have been slacking these days! thanks for inspiring me to start watching again😂 it’s seriously the best show


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