TV: She Was Pretty | Final Thoughts

She Was Pretty” is a Rom-Com Korean Drama that ran for sixteen episodes, the drama starred actors Hwang Jung-eum, (Kim Hye Jin), Park Seo-joon (Ji Sung Joon), Go Joon-hee (Min Ha Ri), and Choi Siwon (Kim Shin Hyuk).

The drama focuses on the relationships between men and women, and more importantly, the connection and friendship between best friends.

Kim Hye Jin is living with her best friend, Min Ha Ri, a heiress. Hye-Jin, is a floundering young woman searching for a job, she is seen as rosy cheeked and bushy haired, with a questionable fashion sense.

Her friend, Min Ha Ri, is the complete antithesis of Hye-Jin’s character. She’s sleek, beautiful, confident, and also very rich. K-Drama tropes indicate we’re meant to immediately dislike Hye-Jin’s character, however, it is the complete opposite with She Was Pretty.

She is such a delight; relateable, quirky and ridiculously endearing.

Hye Jin receives correspondence from her long lost BFF, Ji Sung Joon, the typical fat kid who was bullied, only to move away and return super hot, and apparently a big shot working for some magazine.

We witness a moment of incredulity and utter shame as Hye Jin, once the popular beauty as a child, is now utterly ashamed and despondent with her life. Masking who she is, she hides from her friend, only to convince Ha Ri to masquerade as a better version of herself to Sung Joon.

Those of us watching can only face-palm as we can foresee the inevitable failure this roller coaster will turn out to be.

The drama doesn’t disappoint; Hye Jin, ends up working for Sung Joon, Sung Joon turns out to be the biggest asshole who torments and belittles her at every turn, Hye Jin is profoundly upset and angry over this, yet refuses to confront him; either as a victimised employee or his estranged BF. Ha Ri, meanwhile continues to see Sung Joon secretly, developing feelings for him whilst still under the guise of being Hye Jin.

Throw in a second male lead, Kim Shin Hyuk, who is undoubtedly quirky, handsome and kind, being relegated to a background character as we eventually watch Hye Jin and Sung Joon confront one another and fall undoubtedly in love.


Of course, Sung Joon is excused for all his immoral and chauvinistic qualities, he was under orders to salvage the failing magazine, thus totally absolved for any faults in his character, whilst the nice Shin Hyuk is left pining for Hye Jin.

At this point, I stopped watching the drama completely. I couldn’t watch as Hye Jin and Sung Joon made heart eyes at one another, especially after how he treated Hye Jin, and Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk are leftovers to deal with themselves.

Of course, Ha Ri and Hye Jin’s relationship took a messy turn, entirely due to lack of communication as the deciding factor, but they resolve their issue and have such a perfect and beautiful friendship, it is truly inspiring.

I would have continued to watch the drama purely for these two and their antics.

The main issue with this drama is misdirection and lack of communication as a major plot device, the fact that Sung Joon really didn’t show much character development and was considered the idea love interest, whilst the second male lead is left to flounder, neglected in the background.

I really couldn’t get over how Hye Jin forgave Sung Joon so readily, the man was every bit the abusive employer. What seemed worse, however, was how her turning herself into a more presentable and “pretty” employee seemed to coincide with his changing feelings towards her.

She was consistently seen as dumb, clumsy and generally getting in the way of things. Hye Jin had no backbone, she was a pushover, but the moment she made herself conform to being prettier, Sung Joon paid more attention and her colleagues treatment towards her changed.

She Was Pretty started out  good, but the lack of a decent plot, character development and realism made me ditch it. The salvation being the great acting skills despite the terrible script. I really dislike “love triangles” and male leads who are self absorbed.

Did Not Finish with a generous rating of 5/10.