TV: She’s So Lovable | My Lovely Girl – Final Review & Thoughts

Well, this is awkward.

My original plans were to do weekly reviews of She’s So Lovable, considering two episodes release per week, and I can only watch them on the weekend with subtitles, it seemed like a decent enough plan to get my thoughts all out there. This was all before I realised what the series would be like.

I mean, sure, it’s great if you want light hearted romantic fluff to pass the time quickly. That’s how I found this drama, essentially. Let me catch you up real quick, first.

Se-Na, calls her sister’s phone, which is in the grasp of So-Eun’s tormented and elusive lover, Hyun Wook. Hyun Wook becomes all creepy and must find the caller, getting all his dudebros on the job ASAP. Hyun Wook is persuaded to rejoin the business by a female bestie who totally has the whole unrequited, angst ridden desperate feelings for him. Whilst staying at a swanky hotel to conclude said business, Se-Na has managed to secure a job as a waitress working here, of course there are mishaps here and there in between; like Hyun Wook blaming the sickness of his dog, Dal Bong, on Se-Na, after she fed him a treat. Turns out he’s got cancer or something and is gonna die real soon. Sucks, but quite the predictable route to go down.

Hyun Wook eventually figures out Se-Na is his deceased girlfriend’s sister, who he then begins to fall for her, but woe ridden angst and a sense of duty steers him of course, and instead he acts as her knight in shining armour. Predictably the drama unravels as you would expect, there’s another love interest who we all somehow end up rooting for (second lead syndrome, anyone?) and blah blah, there’s issues, the dad doesn’t want Se Na and Hyun Wook to get together, at all. There’s love triangles galore here, and a lot of miscommunication. And shrieking. To cut a long story short, Se Na decides to leave and Hyun Wook wants to stop her, of course.

All in all, the guy gets the girl, the second lead is left to his own devices, everyone else is left alone whilst the main couple get together in a dramatic, angst ridden moment of rejoice and reunion at the airport of all places.

The drama disappointed me, considering I was expecting more than clichés and stereotypical character tropes. The acting all around was terrible, save for Krystal’s, cliché’s abound, ridiculous plot devices and it just.. Didn’t seem to go anywhere. I felt like I was watching an awkward romance trailer that went on forever. It failed to leave a lasting impression on me, I pretty much can’t recall what happened in each episode, aside from the general gist of it all.

Conclusion: 6/10 would recommend purely if you need time to kill, otherwise I feel it was a drama that typically failed to go anywhere.


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