QUICK FIX: Chicken and Vegetable Noodles

Once you get the hang of cooking, everything seems simple and obvious enough. Here’s my super simple instructions on how to make chicken and vegetable noodles, that only takes 30 minutes to make, (if you’re a slow cook like myself).

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First, pop your chicken pieces into a pan, and occasionally stir to ensure they don’t burn or turn crisp, they should turn a lovely golden brown shade. For this recipe, we added some peppers, sweetcorn and onions. You can add whatever you like into the recipe, it’s all your preference! Cut and dice them into pieces, then add them to the chicken.

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You need to boil your noodles until they’re, well, noodley. Then pour the noodles into the pan and gently combine the wonderfully noodley mixture. If you’re feeling adventurous, I’d say add some cream to the noodles, but only a smidgen, a little goes a long way! I prefer my noodles with a hint of pepper, hold the salt and sauce please.

This quick meal is ideal for comfort food, the meat a great source of protein and, well, everyone knows veg is ideal. I’d recommend limiting the amount of salt you would add to your food, it’s not great for your health! Remember to eat and enjoy noodley goods responsibly, it’s always great to enjoy meat and pasta foods as a part of a healthy and balanced diet with an active lifestyle.


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