TV: My Love From Another Star | Final Thoughts

My Love From Another Star is a South Korean romantic comedy, which stars Kim Soo-Hyun and Gianna Jun.

These two wonderful stars coming together again for TV is just too good for some, and we can only praise whoever thought of pairing the two for this show.

To start with, Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) is a “alien” who is stuck on Earth and attempts to pass time by whilst waiting for the stars to align blah blah until he can return home. However, the hilarious and affably relate-able Cheon Song-yi (Gianna Jun) falls for him, and in return tries to get him to return her feelings. Do Min Joon attempts to keep his identity hidden for the most part, and tries to save both himself and Cheon Song-yi from the various struggles that they face in light of their new-found and developing relationship.

Of course, there is much more to this drama – unfortunately these moments don’t necessarily stand out, are inconsequential and don’t really make sense at times. The plot was entirely drawn out, there seemed to be major inconsistencies and frustrating moments where a lack of communication and the attitude of “I want to protect you and I’m so manly, I must avoid my feelings for you by treating you like crap” were used as a major plot device.

Towards the end of the drama it became ridiculously inane and contrived, not really leaving us with a clarified ending and everything seemed quite rushed.


Other than those major faults, the romantic theme of the drama was fantastic. Ignoring the storyline, I enjoyed it immensely. The relationships between the main characters and the supporting cast was great, if anything I would recommend the drama for the hilarity of it all, the heartbreak and Cheon Song-yi’s gold moments of pure comedy.


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