Chicken Curry Recipe

Here’s a recipe my mum taught me, it’s how to make an Asian dish. I don’t know the specific name, all I know is that it entails chicken and it’s delicious. The rest is all just details, right?

I’m a visual learner, so I have trouble memorising details and recalling pieces of information – I need a reference, be it images of a step by step process, or words I can visually see in order to recall what the recipe procedure (yes, I feel the word is appropriate in regards to cooking) will entail.

And, well, here’s my take on the whole cooking deal.

You’ll need this:

Three onions diced (if they’re small, you’ll need four.)
Two tomatoes diced, (again if they’re teensy, grab another.)
Five green chilli’s – cut the ends off
Half a ginger – You need to grate this, make sure you don’t hurt yourself (grating is a dangerous chore, I assure you)
and finally… half a clove of garlic.

Next you’re going to want to get a pan of sorts, (don’t ask me specifics, I just do as the mother says!) then put a smidgen of oil. Once that’s warm enough, put the onions in, then the garlic, and let it stay in there for a tedious amount of time, until they’re a “golden brown” (I use the term burnt, but whatever.) Make sure you occasionally stir the pan to ensure it doesn’t stick.

It should look like this:

Once they’re a golden brown, you need to add the tomatoes, chilli’s and ginger. If it becomes too dry, add a small amount of water, so it’s saucy. This process is essentially creating the flavour, it’s pretty much like the gravy. It’ll get mushy and resemble something like the image below.

Next, get the meat (insert size details) and just pop it in. It then turns into this:

Then just continuously stir and keep an eye on it, until the meat is cooked. Again, if it gets dry or starts to stick, add a teensy amount of water in. At this point, you add salt, curry powder and some spice (all a heaped a tea spoon, but note you can add less spices if you please, and less salt. Considering this is an Asian dish, it’s usually very spicy.)

After this, the process becomes like so. If you want to add some veg stuffs, go ahead.

Add a little bit of water, let the stuff simmer and boil for a while, but remember to check on it occasionally.

This will eventually look like this, and voilà, you’re done!


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